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HealThee Care

HealThee Care brings Acupuncture to your door. We treat you in your home or office. 

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We Come To You

An acupuncturist will come to you, in your home or office, to treat you.

On Time Arrival

Our licensed and trained acupuncturist will arrive on time. Guaranteed.

On Your Schedule

We are open from 9am - 9pm. Booking an appointment is easy.

We Deliver Eastern Medicine for a Western World

Meet and Treat

Life is busy. HealThee Care is here to relieve your stress. We travel to your work or  home to perform treatments. We offer acupuncture, acupressure, message therapy and reflexology. HealThee Care also provides home delivery of any herbal remedies. 

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Excellent Care

Our patients' concerns are always first at HealThee Care. Our expert staff is licensed by NY State and fully qualified. We use a highly specialized treatment method to get you the best relief. Our goal is to provide long lasting results that conventional medicine fails to provide. 

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Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies

HealThee is proud to offer herbs that come from farmers who grow the purest organic ingredients, as well as the skilled herbalist who work hard to create them.


- What Our Clients Say -

Whether you believe it can help you or not, this place will work wonders. Merlin walked me through a step by step analysis of what my body was doing and how I can improve it. He explained the historical background to this passion he worked, as well as the physics behind his actions. Ridiculously credible work.


I had a system wide chronic pain disorder for years. I started seeing Merlin a couple of months ago and I've made a huge recovery. I went from struggling to get through my yoga classes to doing then joyfully in a matter of weeks. I am even looking to start working full time soon. Merlin is totally a wizard. Love him! I recommend him to everyone.


At first all I could think about was the needles ,but to my surprise they did not hurt at all. ( Really, it doesn't hurt) Merlin is great with first timers and makes them feel relaxed about the whole process. I will definitely be going back for a 2nd treatment.

Thanks Merlin!