A.L. (02.23.2018)

 Healthee is by far the BEST acupuncture and herbal shop in all of the US!...Not only does the acupuncture help but with the herbal medicines and some sound therapy you feel like a whole new person leaving the treatment. Look up Merlin if you have any type of ailment and you're guaranteed to leave satisfied and healthier than when you first walked in! 5 stars across the board. Id leave 6 if that was possible!"

J.R. (01.31.2017)

I'm a type 1 Diabetic and have a hard time keeping myself in balance.  Merlin made an herbal mixture that has helped me with many negative side effect of my Diabetes.  I feel more energetic and mentally clear.  My latest blood test results at my doctor's office where the best I have had since I got Diabetes when I was 9.  Merlin listens and caters to the individual.  I highly recommend him!

S.S. (11.15.2015)

Merlin is knowledgeable, caring, and patient. He takes the time to explain what he's going to do and it doesn't hurt.  Honest!  I've had a chronically-inflamed muscle in my back for over two years and things have changes drastically for the better in just a few treatments.

J.J. (05.28.2015)

Update. Came back for more acupuncture. Merlin is awesome, and is the perfect person to try, especially if you haven't experienced acupuncture yet. The long term effects are amazing. I came after a car accident I was involved in, made me feel better in ways chiro or physical therapy cannot.

B.K. (04.18.2017)

"Merlin has helped me with blood pressure and acid reflux.  I contacted him because of his great yelp reviews and because I was looking for an alternative to Western pill pushing practices.

His herbal formulations are amazing.  In both cases I have had complete success.  My blood pressure is down 15 to 20 points and my acid reflux is all but gone.  I don't know how he does it!?" *Continued on yelp........

D.M. (01.30.2017)

Mr Williams listens, cares, treats holistically, and understands you want to get better. One caveat, you gotta listen to him. He will help you, but you must be willing to put in the effort too. Like all acupuncture, you need multiple appointments and have to commit and take it seriously. 

I should also mention he is very professional and has a great attitude. The fact that he is willing to travel to your home and treat you is a great service. Highly recommend." *Continued on yelp......

G.A. (11.12.2015)

Merlin is someone who is passionate about what he does and holds a unique practice. In my experience, that is hard to find. He took me as a client last minute. Most practitioners would have turned the other way. He is very professional yet very down to earth. He goes that extra mile for his clients. This is enough to say, I won't be looking further and you count me as a future regular

J.J. (04.21.2015)

Merlin is one of the few acupuncturists that can listen to your needs, and give you great information for what naught help you out. He's much better than most healthcare providers I have visited.


D.S. (03.16.2017)

Wonderful technique and strong knowledge of the human body. Merlin was able to assess what issues I had going on immediately. I definitely will continue to receive his amazing treatments! Highly recommended! See and feel for yourself.

 Y.Z. (06.03.2016)

This is my first Yelp review and I want to dedicate this to Merlin. I had been with Merlin for 7 sessions and he's very professional and caring. Each time he made me feel very relaxed and the whole experience was very pleasant. One thing I like particularly about the session was after the needling, he would do some massage with essential oils, or sometimes with Tibetan singing bowl. His herbal formula was also a good try for my digestive issues. *Continued on yelp.......

J.C. (07.20.2015)

Amazing feeling.Mr. Merlin Williams was very professional and knew his stuff.

I came here because of my back aches, plenty of people recommend this place and finally I made contact.At first all I could think about was the needles ,but to my surprise they did not hurt at all. 

( Really, it doesn't hurt) 

Merlin is great with first timers and makes them feel relaxed about the whole process.I will definitely be going back for a 2nd treatment.

Thanks Merlin!


E.B. (05.27.2015)

Well, I still don't like acupuncture but there's no denying the improvement: appreciably less hip pain and increased range of motion after one session. Since then, I've had two other sessions with Merlin to deal with neck, back and shoulder pain that were troublesome but less urgent.  Happy to report the hip pain is a distant memory with only occasional dull ache in the area.

Thank you, Merlin! *Continued on yelp......